Polaris Industries Unveils New Indian Motorcycle Experience Center At SL Plant

Thu 8-17-2017

        (Spirit Lake)-- The new Indian Motorcycle Experience Center at the Spirit Lake Polaris Industries plant, which manufactures the bike, was officially unveiled today (Thurs.). Steve Menneto, President of Polaris Industries' Motorcycle division, addressed the crowd, which included plant employees. Menneto referred to the company's decision to eliminate the Victory motorcycle name and concentrate strictly on the Indian brand name...Indian01 

        "So if you think about all the dollars we would have had to spend in building the brand and building the bikes, that would have been money that would not have been paid back to our shareholders and back to our employees and so forth with growth. That was one of the challenges we had with Victory. So we made that tough decision because we want to take those resources and those dollars and put those into businesses that would return dollars so we can grow and grow our motorcycle business, grow our market share in the motorcycle business and grow our stock price for our shareholders, and that's why we're a public company and that's what we have to pay attention to."

Menneto praised the workers at the Spirit Lake plant for the high quality product being turned out. Menneto added that as Indian motorcycle celebrates its 4th anniversary the brand continues to grow and he says more dealers are always coming on line. Menneto added Indian Motorcycle will soon be diversifying its line further to appeal to European and Asian markets...Indian02 

"Right now American motorcycle is really enjoying a lot of fanfare. A lot of folks on different shores want American made motorcycles and you guys are providing that at the utmost quality and that's really going to grow our business. Get the right amount of dealers, get the new segments that continue to grow and then pay attention to our cruiser bagger tourer, keep growing that because we're just getting started. Four years in we're seeing about a nine percent market share, just so you guys know that. Victory only ever achieved four and-a-half percent market share of it's existence, so at nine percent share our goal is to get to 20 share."

Menneto added the new Experience Center at the Spirit Lake plant will also play an important role in that...Indian03 

"We have over 170 IMRG Ride Group chapters around the globe. About 30,000 people that are in an Indian ride group right now around the globe, and they want to come here. And you guys have just built a facility that makes them want to come here and we're going to continue to support that. We have a lot of growth plans for motorcycles as we move out in the future, and we want to make sure that Spirit Lake is our home to do that."

Menneto also expressed his gratitude to employees of the Spirit Lake plant for their hard work, and their dedication to quality and perseverance.