Polaris Industries To Phase Out Operations At Milford Plant

Mon 4-24-2017

(Milford)-- Polaris Industries announced today (Mon.) it will be discontinuing manufacturing at its Milford plant and will be transferring production there to existing facilities in Huntsville, Alabama; Roseau, Minnesota and Anaheim, California. About 320 people work at the Milford plant.

A news release issued late this (Mon.) afternoon by Polaris Industries says the Milford plant will be transformed into a storage and warehouse facility to support it's plant in Spirit Lake, which will continue to manufacture Indian motorcycle products.

The release goes on to say that Polaris Industries will work with Milford employees to relocate them at other Polaris Industries if they are so interested.

Milford Mayor Bill Reinsbach tells KUOO news he's been in contact with Polaris corporate officials and had this reaction to today's (Mon.) announcement...Polaris01 

"Moving forward, Steve, we will work now with Kiley Miller from the Iowa Corridor, he has heard of this also, and we will just, moving forward now try and put some feelers out there and see if we can't draw another industry into town. It's just unfortunate with Eaton closing in Spencer and now this news. It's very disappointing and it's very, very sad. It's certainly going to hurt our area short term, but we have to just be resilient and stay positive and try and promote another business to come in."

Reinsbach says the corporate official he talked to didn't elaborate as to the reason behind the decision to close the Milford plant...Polaris02 

"And I also asked if there is anything we could have done or still could do from the city standpoint if there's anything that they were requiring or anything we could have talked about, negotiated, and he said no, the decision was made above his head and he said if that would have been the case they certainly would have contacted us. I asked him what the timeline was and he said that between now and the 4th quarter this year, which is the end of December, they plan on having all the lines and everything moved. I did get the confirmation that they are moving it down to the Alabama plant. So it will be done by the end of this year, Steve."

KUOO news also visited with Kiley Miller, Executive Director of the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation regarding the announcement. Miller told us he's been attending meetings today (Mon.) with the Iowa Economic Development Authority in Des Moines and was just learning of the development. He expressed his well wishes for the workers that will be affected, adding the announcement is somewhat of a double whammy for the area, after the recent announcement of the impending closure of the Eaton plant in Spencer...Polaris03 

"The Eaton announcement followed by this announcement will be hard, far hard for our region, but the region will come back because we've got great assets, great workers and great opportunities. So right now the focus needs to be where, it's been for a long time, on economic development; on growing our own and helping our local businesses grow and create sustainable jobs."

Polaris Industries first located operations in Milford in 2013. The location there manufactures the company's Slingshot line and off-road vehicles.