Plans Presented For Proposed Enhancements Along Spencer Riverfront

Mon 5-15-2017

(Spencer)-- The public got a firsthand look Monday evening at some enhancements being proposed for the river front area of Spencer. Brian Wueve, Deputy City Manager, tells KUOO news the concept has been on the drawing board two years now...Spencer Riverfront01 

"They've kind of identified six focus areas that they're calling little groups, in that they'll put projects together and then they're all kind of smaller pieces of the whole district. So it's really a way to transform it from your interaction with the river, to getting on it more with some calming areas so if you want to start kayaking you don't have to be in the main channel, you can be off on kind of a side area, to on the south side in West Leach Park expanding the disc golf to an 18 hole course, on the north side expanding that access to the river, the view, opening it up, providing for some more public access and then in the end this is a whole, really it's a private/public partnership to re-develop this entire area."

Streets, public parking, a splash pad, a concert and public gathering place, gardens, trails, housing and additional commercial/office space is also included...Spencer Riverfront02 

"It's just a concept at this point. It's going to be taken forward to start prioritizing projects, reaching out to the community, to take this plan and start its implementation. It's meant as a long term plan, parts of it can be easily attainable in the next few years. It's going to 10, 15 years out before we're totally implemented."

Patrick Dunn of RDG, a design and planning firm out of Des Moines, has been involved in putting the concept together. He says the possibilities for development in the riverfront area are very exciting...Spencer Riverfront03 

"We've seen success stories like this in small communities and large communities. The proximity of this river to the downtown is very unique, and the fact that it's really somewhat of a jewel in the rough that is prime for re-development, economic development."

Conceptual drawings were made available for the public to review during an open house, and were presented to the city council.