Plans Are Still In The Works To Re-Open Swimming Pools & Splash Pad At Former Boji Bay Site

Mon 6-15-2020

(Milford)-- Plans are still in the works to open the former Boji Bay swimming pools and splash pad on the north edge of Milford this season. Andrew Fisher is CEO of the YMCA of the Okoboji's which will be operating and staffing the facility. As we reported previously, Fisher says re-opening the facility is a joint venture they're involved in...Former Boji Bay Pools01 

"Tim Kinnetz, the owner of the property, has been so gracious to make this available to the community, and in partnership with Tim the YMCA would be coming on board to essentially staff to provide the pool and run the operations of it, and the city of Milford has been a great supporter of that as well."

Fisher says when the facility will be open is still a question at this point...Former Boji Bay Pools02 

"Obviously with everything that's happening right now with the spike of cases, we want to continue to monitor that and make sure that we are responsible in how we open the facility and so that's something that we will continue to be prepared for and when the time seems right we will make the pool available to the community and hopefully give the people of the lakes area something to look forward to here in a couple of weeks."

Fisher adds details on the sale of passes to the facility are forthcoming...Former Boji Bay Pools03 

"We will be looking at doing day passes for this season with the unique summer that we've been presented with, the option of doing seasonal passes and things of that nature. It just doesn't feel like it makes sense right now and so when we do make an announcement on when we will be opening we'll also be releasing what that looks like."

He says capacity and social distancing restrictions will be implemented once the facility is open.