Pet Owners encouraged to take preventative measures to avoid frostbite during Extremely Cold Weather

Tue 2-9-2021 607 28th St, Milford, IA

(Milford)-Experts are urging extra care with Pets during the extremely cold weather, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has the second installment in our series on pet safety:

Pet Owners encouraged to take preventative measures to avoid frostbite during Extremely Cold Weather 

With the extremely cold weather, experts are encouraging pet owners to take extra precautions with pets.

Travis Hayenga, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Northwest Iowa says, preventative measures are important.  "I think an ounce of prevention is the biggest thing there.  You know, you want to make sure that when you're outside, especially in the wintertime, make sure that your animals are leashed.  More animals go missing in the wintertime than any other time because they don't have those scents to get back to where they came from.  The snow is covering the ground and the things they're normally looking for to get back aren't there, and if you're going out for a walk, make sure that when you get back, you're limiting that time so that they don't get to that point of being frostbit on their paws, which are very sensitive areas.  When you do get back, make sure to wipe them off because a lot of time people are out there salting their sidewalks, they're using other chemicals to get rid of snow and ice, and the animals are walking through those things.  You just want to be very cautious."

He adds that it's important to check under the hood of your car during the extreme cold.  "Cats will try to sneak up under there to get warm.  If you're going out to start your car in the morning, it's simple as honk your horn.  Some remote starters automatically honk when you're starting them up.  Just something as simple as banging on the hood a little bit when you're walking out to your vehicle, just to make sure that they've got that warning time to wake up a little bit and get out from under there."

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Interview with Travis Hayenga regarding pet safety in cold weather