Pearson Lakes Art Center featuring ART Exhibit

Tue 6-30-2020 2201 Highway 71,Okoboji,IA

(Okoboji)-A new exhibit is up at the Pearson Lakes Art Center, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Pearson Lakes Art Center featuring ART Exhibit 

The Pearson Lakes Art Center is presenting the ART Exhibit, featuring the Artists from the Artisans Road Trip, the self-guided tour which is held in the fall.

Visual Arts Director Danielle Clause Gast explains.  "With the fall tour, the organization also puts on a group exhibition at the Art Center, and we usually get it every couple of years or so, and we're excited to have it during the summer when we'll have a lot of people able to see it.  It features nearly all the artists that are part of the Artisans Road Trip event which is scheduled for October 3rd and 4th this fall, so right now you can kind of get a preview of the art you'll see on that tour."

She adds that a wide variety of mediums are on display. "So we have pottery, a variety of media with pastel drawings, paintings, large scale works, small scale works, printmaking.  There is kind of a little bit of something for everyone in an exhibit like this, and what's even more exciting is how, with all the different artists that are exhibiting, how each of their works plays off of one another in this exhibit."

She notes that the Art Center is open 7 days a week but will be closed this weekend for the 4th of July Holiday.   Masks and social distancing are encouraged.

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