Paving, Re-Surfacing & Bridge Projects About To Get Under Way In Dickinson County

Thu 9-5-2019 []

(Spirit Lake)-- We may be headed into fall but that certainly doesn't mean the road construction season is winding down. In fact, a number of projects in the area will be kicking into high gear in coming days. Dickinson County Engineer Dan Eckert tells KUOO news nine different asphalt projects will be done yet this fall throughout the county. He says most of those consist of re-surfacing...County Rd Projects01 

"They sound like they're going to start up at 140th Street at the green waste site and then possibly 252nd to follow that, which is located right behind Hormel Vending on the east side of town here, and then they're going to go down and do the Oh Shucks Bait Shop bypass we call it on 210th and 220th and after that they're going to kind of take a wait and see approach to move over to the other six projects."

Eckert says motorists in those areas can expect some delays...County Road Projects02 

"All of the roads will be open to through traffic. They will have pilot car set ups when we get into the re-surfacing. That is going to delay people so they should plan accordingly, but there's no roads that will absolutely be closed to traffic where they won't be able to use it at all."

In addition, Eckert says work will also be getting underway on several bridges throughout Dickinson county...County Road Projects03 

"We're going to do some strengthening of four bridges. Three of those are located down in Okoboji Township on 250th Street, 210th Avenue and then also 225th Street. The other two, one will be on A22, that's the, we call it the Miller Bay Road on the west side of West Lake, the paved road that goes west from Wahpeton. Another road is 110th Street up in Diamond Lake. We're just going to remove that bridge and not replace it as the land has become all owned by U.S. Fish and Wildlife on the east side of the river up there."

Eckert says weather permitting, they hope to have the bridge projects done before harvest starts.