Paleoclimatologist Dr. Beth Caissie to speak at Iowa Lakeside Laboratory August 7

Mon 8-6-2018 1838 Highway 86 Milford,IA

It's the final Lakeside Lab Science Seminar of the season on Tuesday, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Paleoclimatologist Dr. Beth Caissie to speak at Lakeside Laboratory August 7 

The Friends of Lakeside Lab's Science Seminar Series wraps up Tuesday night with a talk by Dr. Beth Caissie, Paleoclimatologist from Iowa State University.

Caissie's research focuses on Diatoms in the Polar regions of the earth.  "A diatom is a single-celled organism, it's a kind of algae, but the thing that is really amazing about them is that they make their cell walls out of glass, or silicate.  That means that they're preserved for millions of years, literally.  Once they die and fall to the bottom of the ocean, they can stick around for a really long time."

She adds that Scientists from around the world are meeting at Lakeside Lab this week, and she'll be joined by some colleagues for her talk.  "It's a meeting called The Polar Marine Diatom Workshop, and there's about 42 of us, we're from all over the world, people from 10 different countries, all coming to Iowa Lakeside Lab.  So, there will be people there Tuesday night who work in the Arctic, people who work in the Antarctic, and what we're basically going to do is talk a little bit about the research we do and then we'll have the microscope set up if anybody wants to look at what the diatoms from the different regions look like, they can take a look through the microscope."

The Lakeside Science Seminar will start at 7 o'clock at Mahan Hall on the Lakeside Lab Campus and is free and open to the public.

Listen to the full interview:

Interview with Dr. Beth Caissie on Diatoms 

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The title of Caissie's talk is "Secrets of the Diatoms:  How Microscopic Algae from the Polar Regions Reveal Earth's Climate History"