Oven Fire Results In Evacuation Of Spirit Lake Apartment Complex

Mon 6-12-2017

(Spirit Lake)-- No injuries were reported last (Sun.) evening when an oven caught fire in an apartment building in Spirit Lake.

Fire Chief Pat Daly tells KUOO news Spirit Lake firefighters were called to 605 Lake Street, the former Presbyterian Church building, around 7:52 pm. Daly says the fire itself was pretty much out when they arrived but there was a lot of smoke...Oven Fire01 

"It took awhile for us to vent the smoke out. The apartment has high ceilings in it and it was hard to get all the smoke out of there so she did not stay in her apartment last night and they're going to get somebody in there today to see if they can clear that out."

Daly says while the smoke was contained to the one apartment, that the entire building was evacuated as a precaution...Oven Fire02 

"We evacuated the whole building because the alarm system went off and once they do that we get everybody out. Then we take care of business and we let everybody back in."

Spirit Lake firefighters were on the scene about an hour and-a-half.