Orleans City Council Votes To Pursue Recycling Talks With Dickinson County

Tue 1-14-2020

(Orleans)-- The Orleans City Council Monday evening voted to pursue talks about expanding its public recycling drop-off site to help accommodate residents in the nearby unincorporated area of the county. Many of those residents have nowhere to go with their recycling as the city of Milford closed its drop-off location and the city of Spirit Lake is now only accepting cardboard at its site.

Dickinson county supervisors Bill Leopold and Kim Wermersen were at last (Mon.) night's Orleans City Council meeting to see if the city would be willing to work with the county. Wermersen said the county would be willing to subsidize the city in exchange for allowing some of its residents to use the city drop-off site...Orleans Recycling 

"One of the things we thought of is we can financially support a healthy amount, particularly for the corridor communities, as well as we've already talked with Lake Park and they're very interested in being part of this, and we're just basically saying if someone calls up and says, like Bill was saying, someone asks where are the sites and we tell them the sites. We don't say hey, go to Orleans and dump, we say here are the sites that are available for bins for recycle."

Wermersen says they've had similar discussions with the cities of Lake Park, Terril and Superior and will be meeting with Okoboji.

The council voted unanimously to pursue the matter further with county officials.