Orleans City Council Discusses Speed Limits, Possible Hotel/Motel Airbnb Tax

Wed 8-14-2019

(Orleans)-- A proposed reduction in the speed limit in a large part of Orleans is off the table for now. The measure failed on a two-to-three vote at a city council meeting earlier this week. Mayor Bill Maas says there's one factor in particular that brought the issue to the council's attention...Orleans City Council01 

"We have more children in Orleans now and, you know, an increase in traffic, or atleast the perception is there, and thought that it would be a lot safer for people if there was a lower speed limit in some of those areas. Specifically the ones we're talking about, the motion that was brought up at that meeting, was along Pioneer Beach Road or 252nd Avenue as it's labeled; along the south shore of Spirit Lake all the way from St. Margaret's Cemetery east to the city limits; and then starting just south of City Hall going all the way up to the north end of Orleans on the east side of Spirit Lake, clear up to Jones Pasture."

Maas says he feels the matter will likely be coming back to the council in the future...Orleans City Council02 

"We'll probably have to do more investigation to make sure we comply with state code completely. Several comments were brought up during the meeting that, you know, our citizens' safety should be the priority and, you know, I totally agree with that concept." 

The Orleans City Council also discussed the possible adoption of a hotel/motel and Airbnb tax. Maas says that measure was tabled for further information...Orleans City Council03 

"They didn't have enough input or knowledge what revenues would be or how it would be enforced. There's a lot of questions that the council had."

In other business, a second reading of a proposal to install a stop sign at the intersection of 253rd Avenue and 140th Street just south of City Hall failed.