Orleans City Council Discusses Crosswalks

Wed 9-15-2021

(Orleans)-- The city of Orleans is looking at the possibility of putting a crosswalk on 140th Street near the spillway. Mayor Bill Maas tells KUOO news it was topic of discussion at Monday's City Council meeting...Maas & Crosswalk 

"That was the biggest part that we had the discussion on, was by the spillway, because the overflow parking for the boat ramp of course is behind the hatchery, the blacktop area there. And there's no specific sidewalks per se, and so what we are trying to do is connect the ramp in a realistic way with the little gravel trail that runs actually across the old railroad right-of-way and the trail area so the people can traverse from behind the hatchery to the boat ramp and vice versa."

Maas say the council took no action on the matter. He says they want to get more information from the state. Maas says it's likely to come back to the council in late winter.

On another item, Maas says there was also some discussion into the possibility of Orleans adopting the National Flood Plain Ordinance...Maas & Flood Plain Ordinance 

"The city has never been part of a flood plain area designation. There's a lot of things and responsibilities that go along with that, including individuals being able to get some type of flood insurance on their properties and things. Back in '93 of course was the last time we had any really wholesale flooding and the council is checking to see what other towns with similar situations are doing."

Maas says there was also once again discussion on parking along 140th Street. He says there was no action taken on that as the council wants to get more information from other communities that have a similar situation. He says that issue will likely come back to the council after the first of the year.