Okoboji Schools Superintendent Issues Statement Regarding Petition On Sale Of Middle School Property

Fri 7-27-2018

(Milford)-- Officials with the Okoboji School District are responding to a petition drive calling for a public vote regarding the process used to sell the middle school property in Arnolds Park.

The school board on July 19th voted 3 to 2 to approve the sale at the appraised price of $1.1 million to Imagine Iowa Great Lakes. One other offer of $1.15 million was also submitted.

In the statement, Superintendent Todd Abrahamson says quote...”assertions the value of the property far exceed the agreed upon purchase price are not supported by the appraised value of the property”.

Abrahamson adds the board took several factors into consideration when it decided not to pursue a bidding process...Petition Response 

"The first one, receiving the entire appraised value of $1.1 million for the property again will allow the district to pay that portion of the bond debt, we'll put that towards that. But also second, the Iowa Great Lakes proposal was written, detailed and included insurances that the project would have the necessary financial backing to carry it out to completion. And then finally, when it came down also to the middle school property it will allow the Iowa Great Lakes to further its goals and improve the visual quality, environment and safety of the community as well as enhancing the natural environment with the elements and themes that evoke the spirit of the Iowa Great Lakes region. So all these goals align with the goals of the district to better our community for the district's students."

Abrahamson has also stated that the school board was not legally obligated to accept the highest offer.

Those who mounted the petition drive maintain an open bidding process should have been used.

You can see the district's full response to the petition by clicking here...