Okoboji Schools No Boundaries Program To Hold "Partner Palooza" Events

Thu 9-12-2019

(Arnolds Park)-- The general public and area businesses will have an opportunity this coming Monday to learn more about a program involving 65 8th, 11th and 12th grade students from the Okoboji, Spencer, Graettinger-Terril and Ruthven-Ayrshire School Districts. It's called “No Boundaries”. Carrie Miller helps coordinate the program for the Okoboji Community Schools...Partner Palooza01 

"And what we do is we partner with businesses or community partners, it could be non profits, and we ask them what projects do you have in your business or in your location that you just don't have the time or the resources to get to, and then could you offer those projects to our students so that they could work on them and come up with some great answers for you and while they're doing that work they can get credit for their school courses. So it's really kind of a way to connect curriculum into contacts of our community."

She tells KUOO news they'll be holding what's known as “Partner Palooza” events next week...Partner Palooza02 

"We actually have Partner Palooza going on at the middle school in the morning and that begins at 8:00 and it goes from 8:00 to 9:30. And then we have the high school one kicking off in Okoboji on September 16th in the afternoon. Everyone kind of gathers between 12:45 and 1:15. It gets the students time to get there and then it kicks off at 1:15 with all the discussion about the projects that are going on."

The Okoboji High School Partner Palooza will be held at Founders Hall at the Okoboji Bible Conference grounds across from the street from the Okoboji Middle School in Arnolds Park. Miller says the public and area businesses are urged to attend the “Partner Palooza” events...Partner Palooza03 

"Because this is a new program we really just want to make it visible, let everybody know about it. So we just kind of want to open the doors and anyone who is interested or has heard something about it and wants to know more, we would love to have them come and see this take place. This is kind of the first instance in the program where the business partners kind of step foot in front of the students and they get to engage with one another, so it's really pretty exciting."

A Partner Palooza event for Spencer schools will be held Tuesday, September 17th from 12:45 until 2:30 pm at the Spencer Schools Central Office at 23 East 7th Street in Spencer.