Okoboji Sailing Center teaming up with Lakeside Lab for Winter Games events

Wed 1-17-2018 1900 Manhattan Blvd,Milford,IA

(Okoboji)-The Okoboji Sailing Center and Lakeside Lab are teaming up for  new events during The University of Okoboji Winter Games, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Okoboji Sailing Center teaming up with Lakeside Lab for Winter Games events The Okoboji Sailing Center is inviting the public to stop by the Okoboji Yacht Club on Saturday, January 27th.

Program Director Randy Gould says the Center has partnered with Lakeside Lab for some new events. "We're teaming up with Lakeside Lab with a Nature Walk that's going through the woods over to the Yacht Club.  We want to be able to explain how we're coordinating and putting together a mutual program called Adventure Sailing, where they're helping us build a curriculum and we're providing the sailing component through all kinds of adventures across the lake.  So, we'll be providing sweet treats, hot chocolate, bonfires, and there's a luminary trail that leads back through the woods back to Lakeside Lab, so it's be kind of a fun day."

He adds that the Center will offer a number of activities for families.  "Gutter Boat Races!  We have rain gutters, and we have the kids, they can blow a boat across the rain gutter and back and see who wins the prize.  We'll have people there that are also doing creative art pieces, coloring, assembly and such, as well, and we're going to be able to provide some videos on what we're providing for sailing sessions in the summer, too."

Gould notes that the Center will be doing a presentation on their new programs at area schools on January 26th.

Listen to the full interview:

Interview with Randy Gould Okoboji Sailing Center 

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