Okoboji Sailing Center offering several Camps this Summer

Wed 3-28-2018

(Okoboji)-The Okoboji Sailing Center is offering a number of camps this coming summer, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has the story:

Okoboji Sailing Center offering several Camps this Summer 

The Okoboji Sailing Center at is ramping up their summer programming for youth and teens with several camps being offered this summer.

Program Director Randy Gould explains.  "So right now we're creating several different camps that are really specific to Lake Okoboji and the Great Lakes Area.  The camp that we're doing with Lakeside Lab is Earth, Wind and Fire, that's a shared event and camp where we are providing the sailing, almost like a field trip, component to all the education components that are going on with Lakeside Lab.  The second camp will be associated with Limnology, that's the study of Lake Environments, talking about Who's Swimming with Us - that'll be the camp description, and then the third camp will be how we sail in that environment, you know, what the boats do in the water environment.  So, there's a lot of fun things that are associated with those camps that are really science related, and we're looking forward to our series as well as supporting Lakeside Lab in their camp in July of this year."

 He notes that registration is currently open for the Earth, Wind and Fire Camp, while registration for the other camps will open on April 22.

The Okoboji Sailing Center will also be supporting the YMCA Y-Kids Summer Adventure Club by introducing local children to the concepts of sailing and water safety.

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