Okoboji Protective Association launching New Campaigns this Summer

Thu 6-10-2021 Okoboji, IA

(Okoboji)-The OPA has announced two new campaigns for the summer, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Okoboji Protective Association launching Two Campaigns this Summer 

The Okoboji Protective Association is launching two new projects this season.

President Dr. Mary Skopec says, the first is aimed at reducing litter that is entering the Iowa Great Lakes.  "We just want to remind people to be mindful of any plastic materials or waste that might get in the lake, so we're embarking on an Anti-Litter Campaign where we hope to just raise that awareness to try and get people to take something, a bag, out with them when they go on the water to make sure that they catch any of their waste before it blows into the lake, and then, we hope to work with some of the local dive operations to maybe even do some underwater clean-up in areas that are heavily hit with recreation, and pick up any of that litter that may have sunk to the bottom of the lake."

She adds that the second campaign will focus on recognizing century-old cottages around the Lakes Area.  "The other initiative that we're starting is what we call The Century Cottage Campaign.  We want to acknowledge those cottages that have been around the lakes for more than a hundred years, so landowners that have one of those residences will be getting, or have gotten, a letter from the OPA, and if people would like to celebrate that, the OPA will be giving them a sign that recognizes that that structure has been around for more than a hundred years."

The OPA will also be involved with the Prairie Lakes Conference and Okoboji Blue Water Festival this summer.

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