Okoboji Planning & Zoning to Revisit Proposed Revisions to Lakeshore Landscaping Ordinance

Wed 11-16-2016 []

(Okoboji)-- Proposed revisions to the city of Okoboji's Lakeshore Landscaping and Development regulations are headed back to the city's Planning and Zoning Commission for further revision following a public at hearing at last (Tues.) evening's city council meeting. A massive excavation project on a West Lake Okoboji shoreline in the city this past summer which resulted in severe erosion getting into the lake is what resulted in the changes.

Okoboji resident Joe Fitzgibbons was among those who spoke at last (Tues.) evening's public hearing. He expressed concern over the fact that permits for such projects would be in effect for a year...Ordinance Revisions01 

"That seems like an awfully long time. I've lived next door to one of these projects. So they can start August 1 and go all winter long and the next summer. I think I was next door to one of the largest projects taken on West Lake in the last couple of years until the Dixon Beach situation. 12 months living next to a project that goes on and on to me seems ridiculous."

Council member Julie Andres said she would like to see a sign-off provision as part of the revised ordinance...Ordinance Revisions02 

"I know that's what's present with some of the DNR's permits, and the nice thing about it, for one thing it forces that inspection at the end. The other thing is it kind of puts a period on the project."

The Planning and Zoning Commission will consider those revisions and bring them back to the council for formal action at a future meeting.