Okoboji Music Masters to present "The Sounds of Summer" in the Iowa Great Lakes this Summer

Mon 4-5-2021 Okoboji, IA

(Okoboji)-A new non-profit group will feature local talent in the Iowa Great Lakes, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Okoboji Music Masters to present "The Sounds of Summer" in Iowa Great Lakes this Summer 

A new non-profit organization hopes to bring local talent together to perform at various venues this summer.

Co-founder Joren Kinnetz says he came up with the idea for the Okoboji Music Masters last summer.  "I've been very involved with community theatres in the area and such.  I thought about how we have all of these wonderful, talented performers in the area, Spencer, Okoboji, and how all the high school kids, they're out for the summer that are in band and that are in choir, and I realized there's a big gap during the summer for all these people who like to perform.  So, I called Jessica Schable,  I know her, she taught voice lessons for a number of years with me, and I told her what I thought about and I said, do you think this is feasible, and she said that Joren, I want to do it.  So, we just started working together and I pulled some other people together to form a committee, and over the whole end of last summer and the winter, we've been working on this, to take the just very talented people in the area that just want to perform during the summer season and we'll form that ensemble and we're going to take it around and perform in the Lakes area."  

He adds that auditions will be held in mid-May.  "It will be high schoolers and up. There's limited spots.  So, auditions will be May 12, 13 and 14, and there's time slots that will be available on the website.  They're not up there right now, but they will be before the auditions actually start."

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