Okoboji High School Announces J Term Public Presentation Night

Fri 1-11-2019

(Milford)-- From January 7th-17th, students at Okoboji High School are learning in a very different way.  The school is in its second year of a J Term focused on Project Based Learning. Project Based Learning or PBL, teaches through doing in a hands-on, immersive environment focused on a driving question and connecting students with the world outside the classroom. 
Over the course of these two weeks, each student has chosen one course on which to focus all of their time and energy.  Courses focus on a wide range of topics including wilderness survival, sculpture, physics, fitness and marketing, philanthropy, and more. One class has taken a service trip to Omaha while another is hiking in western South Dakota. One course dives deep into the world of counter-intelligence and will spend time at the Strategic Air Command Museum in Omaha while another is creating a student-run fashion show.  One class will even be screening their own short-film festival at the Milford Pioneer Theatre. 
Most OHS seniors are spending the term completing on-site internships throughout the community and some, even in other parts of the world.  A common focus across all classes has been breaking down the walls that typically divide the school and the larger community in which it exists.  This has been done by bringing outside experts in both in person and through technology and by taking students out into the world through field trips and other excursions.  The experience has been supported through a grant from the Okoboji School Foundation.  
All of this learning will be on display during Public Presentation Night from 5:00-7:30 on Thursday, January 17th.  This event will give each student and class the opportunity to present what they have learned, accomplished, and created.  There will be "science fair" style presentations ongoing in the OHS Commons from 5:00-7:30 while some classes like "Project Runway" and "A Moving Canvas" will present in other parts of the building.  Senior Interns will be sharing their experiences on rotating panels throughout the evening.