Okoboji Girls Basketball Program Puts Up Thousands Of American Flags Throughout IGL Corridor

Thu 7-4-2019

(Milford)-- The Okoboji Girls Basketball program is helping us remember the true meaning of the 4th of July holiday again this year. Mary Abrahamson tells KUOO news the girls have been placing thousands of American flags throughout the Iowa Great Lakes Corridor today (Thurs.)...OHS Girls Basketball Flags01 

"There was probably, what, 25, 30, girls that showed up perhaps this morning at about 7'ish, 7:30. All of the coaching staff, about nine or ten parents. The mission this morning is to show independence and these girls have gone out and I think spread about 5,000 flags throughout all the lakes, on every shoreline drive and one flag represents their freedom. Sponsors of the flags are Mary Ingvall and Northwest Bank. They went out and bought all of the American flags that people are going to see throughout the weekend."

One of the girls involved in the effort, McKenna Helmers, says a lot of people have been expressing appreciation to them as they've been putting up the flags...OHS Girls Basketball Flags02 

"Well mainly when we set out flags we have cars drive by us and say how nice it looks and that they really appreciate what we do and everything, those walking dogs people that are going on a morning jog."

Lauren Dittsworth says she has gotten a lot of personal satisfaction from the project...OHS Girls Basketball Flags03 

"You go back and look at them you can just see how good it looks and it just makes you feel so good about what you did."

The flags will remain in place through the 4th of July holiday weekend.