Okoboji Foundation's Youth In Philanthropy Program Sets Fundraising Goal

Mon 11-16-2020

(Arnolds Park)-- Students participating in this year's Youth in Philanthropy Program through the Okoboji Foundation have set their fundraising goal. Mindy Gress of the Okoboji Foundation says the 25 high school students will be raising the money now through early March...YIP Fundraising Goal Set01 

"It was fun to go around the group and get the different perspectives of what these students felt that they themselves good raise. And of course we have a mix of new students in the program as well as returning members, and so it was fun to see that dynamic and that conversation happen between those that were in the program in the past and kind of push their peers to think about raising more money. But ultimately they came up with a collective goal of $55,000 and so we're super excited about that and we definitely think they can reach that potential."

Gress says the money that's raised goes back directly into the community...YIP Fundraising Goal Set02 

"100 percent of the proceeds that come in from donors for our Youth In Philanthropy program are given right back out in our March grant cycle in 2021. The only exception to that is in addition to raising funds purely for the grant cycle, if someone wants to give to our Youth In Philanthropy Endowment Fund they can absolutely do that, which provides them some added tax benefits, and then those funds are invested and then each year we have a portion that goes back into the grant. So for example over the course of the last 10 years there has been donors that have chosen to give to the endowment fund and so this year our Youth In Philanthropy students start off with $7,000 that is available from their endowment fund that was raised by their predecessors. So not only are we teaching the value of gaining dollars right now, but we're also trying to instill in the students the importance of creating sustainabilities and raising funds for their endowment as well."

Anyone who would like to donate or sponsor a student can send a check to the Okoboji Foundation. If it's for a sponsorship, be sure to indicate the student's name in the memo line. Checks should be sent to the Okoboji Foundation at P.O. Box 593, Okoboji...51355. Donations may also be made online at

Gress thanks the community for supporting the Youth In Philanthropy program.