Okoboji Foundation Youth In Philanthropy Program Is Off & Running For Another School Year

Fri 10-16-2020

(Arnolds Park)-- The Okoboji Foundation's Youth In Philanthropy program is off and running for another school year. Foundation Director Mindy Gress tells KUOO news 25 students from Okoboji and Spirit Lake High Schools are involved this year...Gress & YIP01 

"The goal is to engage area students and really empower them to get involved in their community and understand how all of the how, you know, how the community runs, that there is philanthropy involved. And so this program allows them to learn about what philanthropy is, go out and talk to their friends, their families, their employers, to ask them to get engaged and support, and then in the end they get to raise dollars and go through the program process to give money out to area organizations."

Gress says the students recently held their first meeting and will be getting together on the second Wednesday of November at which time they'll decide on a fundraising goal for this year. In the meantime, Gress says they're starting their fundraising and are looking for contributions...Gress & YIP02 

"So our students will be going out and asking for sponsorships. However if somebody wants to get involved and has not yet been asked, we would encourage them to call the office at 712-332-7177 and we'll walk them through how they can to do that. And if there is a student that's involved and they would like to specifically sponsor them they sure can."

Gress says this will mark the 11th year for Youth In Philanthropy. Over the 10 years prior, she says the program has awarded $315,000 in grants to various non-profit organizations in the area.