Okoboji Foundation To Hold Annual Non-Profit Summit

Wed 10-3-2018

(Arnolds Park)-- The Okoboji Foundation will hold its annual “Lake Non-Profit Summit” Tuesday, October 30th at 9:30 am at the Hedberg Theatre in the Maritime Museum Building in Arnolds Park. Rob Waterhouse of the Okoboji Foundation tells KUOO news several topics will be discussed during the two-hour event...Non-Profit Summit 

"It's a workshop format and folks are able to learn the newest and latest trends in the world of non-profit management and fundraising. This year we're going to be talking about the Federal Tax Cut and Jobs Act that went into affect last December and how that might be impacting non-profit organizations in the area. We also have our annual granting process that will be coming up and we just want to give folks an idea of how the granting process works and they'll be able to hear from organizations that have received grants in the past and what a successful grant application looks like. Then we're also going to be talking about non-profit disaster preparedness, the idea being that disasters can happen anytime and non-profit organizations are not exempt from a disaster, whether it's a tornado, a flood, fires, and things like that. So we're just going to talk about what they can do to prepare themselves."

There's no charge for the event, but Waterhouse says those planning to attend should RSVP by calling 332-7177 or email