Okoboji Foundation Gives Update On $5,000 July Non-Profit Challenge

Tue 7-18-2017

(Arnolds Park)-- A local philanthropical organization is continuing a special fundraising campaign this month. Mary Freiborg of the Okoboji Foundation gives us an update on the $5,000 July Non-profit Challenge...Non Profit Challenge Update01 

"As we're half-way into the month of July we have a total in gifts of $30,800 and those are split between five different lakes non-profit organizations, each receiving varying gift sizes. We have 17 total funds that are each hoping to win that $5,000 challenge, and we have two weeks left. The competition continues until July 31st and we hope everyone will go to and support the fund that's their favorite."

Freiborg reminds everyone that donors in the challenge can take advantage of a special tax benefit through the Endow Iowa program...Non Profit Challenge Update02 

"Several of the donors have wanted to take advantage of the Endow Iowa tax credit. Some of them did not want to give an online gift and preferred to come in to our office and work with us on details of their gifts with the Endow Iowa tax credit. We are very happy to help anyone who's interested in doing that, and if they have questions they can call us at 712-332-7177. The first week in August after we've tabulated all the gifts that have come in we will send out more information on who the winner is of the $5,000 this year."

Again you can find a list of the participating organizations and videos at