Okoboji Foundation Disaster Recovery Fund Continues To See Demand & Growth

Tue 9-15-2020

(Arnolds Park)-- The Okoboji Foundation's Disaster Recovery Fund to support those most negatively impacted by the pandemic continues to grow. Foundation President Mindy Gress says they remain committed to growing the fund which was established in early April...Gress04 

"We have had over $70,000 that have been donated to us for this purpose, and we have received grant requests and given out over $35,000 in grants. We continue to see donors wanting to help out in this area and so we see donations come in sporadically and we're, you know, just wanting to make sure that our area non-profits know that we're here for them and that they can continue to request these funds from us."

Gress says the application process is relatively easy...Gress05 

"Any 501C3 non-profit entity is eligible for these grants, and they can simply email us at or visit our website at to download the grant request form. We do have a committee that meets weekly as needs are addressed to look at those grant opportunities. You know we want to make sure that we are responsive in a timely manner to the needs that are out there and so this committee is meeting regularly to review those grant applicants."

Likewise, those interested in donating to the fund may do so by contacting the Okoboji Foundation or by clicking on the Okoboji Foundation Disaster Recovery Fund button on their home page.