Okoboji Foundation Announces Endowment Fundraiser

Tue 5-27-2014

(Okoboji)-- A lakes area philanthropic organization is gearing up for its annual endowment fundraising event coming up next month. Mary Freiborg of the Okoboji Foundation tells KUOO news the event will be held at the Boji Bay Fun House Pavilion...(click here for comment.) "It's on Friday, June 27th, and it's called "The Lakes Dinner Table". It's something new for us. We have a special event sponsor, West O' Beer, and each one of the sponsor's couples will get a growler with special refill priviliges. The highlight of the evening as far as the food will be beef tenderloin and pork loin that's cooked by Dr. Hartje's Hog Be Gone Barbecue team. So it will be a very fun event and a great way to continue to build those resources for next year's grants."

Freiborg says sponsorships or tickets for the event need to be purchased in advance...(click here for comment.) "Sponsorships or tickets are required for the event, and complete information on all the levels of sponsorship or ticket costs is available on our website at or if people would like to call our office the number is (712) 332-7177."

Entertainment for the event will be provided by the Carroll Symphony No Strings Attached Quartet.