Okoboji Council Discusses Lakeshore Drive Parking Concerns In Special Session

Tue 6-21-2016 IA"], ["Lakeshore Dr. Okoboji

(Okoboji)-- Concern over parking at a rental residence on Lakeshore Drive was a topic of discussion at a special session Monday evening of the Okoboji City Council. A neighbor filed the complaint in communication with city officials. The concern in part cited safety issues.

City officials said Monday evening they've been monitoring the area and that from what they've been seeing so far this season, they feel there is no need for any action to be taken, saying there has been plenty of room to get emergency vehicles through the area if need be.

But one council member, Jerry Robinson, says the city should enforce an ordinance on its books regulating the number of vehicles that can be parked in front of a residence...Parking Concerns01 

Councilman Jim Delperdang pointed out enforcing the ordinance is very hard to do, as people are constantly coming and going and the number of vehicles fluctuates over short periods of time...Parking Concerns02 

The council opted not to take any action on the matter, but directed the City Attorney to send a letter to the complainant explaining the council's position on the issue.