Okoboji City Council To Hold Second Reading Of Proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendment That Would Add A "Conservation District" To Classifications

Mon 4-12-2021

(Okoboji)-- The Okoboji City Council Tuesday evening will hold the second reading of a proposed amendment to the city's Zoning Ordinance that would add an A-2 Conservation Zoning District to the city's zoning classifications. A first reading of the proposed change was made at the council's meeting back in February. Jane Shuttleworth, a member of the city's Planning and Zoning Commission, told the council at that time the added district would help fill some voids in the city's zoning ordinance...Shuttleworth & Conservation District 

"Pretty much what the benefits are it's to protect the water quality, provide erosion control, protect our natural drainage ways. Uses include conservation areas, protection of flood plains, wetlands, flood control, structures and others. And civic uses are passive uses like parks or recreational areas and preserves. So it's an idea who's time has come and it's our Planning and Zoning Board's hope that conservation and use should be called out in our zoning ordinance."

The council originally was scheduled to hold a second reading of the proposed amendment in March but the matter was inadvertently left off the agenda.

The Okoboji City council convenes at 6:00 pm tomorrow (Tues.) evening at the Pearson Lakes Art Center.