Okoboji City Council Presented With Preliminary Plans & Schematics For Sanborn Avenue Project

Tue 5-12-2020

(Okoboji)-- The Okoboji City Council Tuesday evening reviewed preliminary plans and schematics for the reconstruction of Sanborn Avenue from Highway 71 to Lakeshore Drive. The project is being done in conjunction with Imagine Iowa Great Lakes. 

The preliminary plans were presented to the council by Brad Beck of Beck Engineering...Beck & Sanborn Ave 

"Essentially the finished product that we're presenting is two 14 foot wide lanes on a boulevard section with turn lanes at the intersection. Where there isn't an intersection there will be beautification in the boulevard, and then we're proposing a 10 foot wide concrete recreational trail on the north side that will connect to the spine trail near the DNR property, and then that will run for the length of the project. So we're in the first phase of this project which would be to prepare the design and get your feedback, make any revisions that may be necessary, and then once we have the design of where the city is satisfied the next step would be to put a cost estimate together."

Another key element in the plans include a round-a-bout at the intersection of Sanborn Avenue and Lakeshore Drive, or near the airport and Speir Park. 

The council gave their approval to the preliminary plans and directed Beck to put together a cost estimate that will be presented at their June meeting.