Okoboji City Council Hears Proposal To Build Pickle Ball Courts At Spier Park

Wed 7-10-2019

(Okoboji)-- The Okoboji City Council Tuesday heard a proposal from a group of citizens interested in raising funds to build four pickle ball courts at Spier Park. City Administrator Michael Meyers outlined the plan to the council...Pickle Ball Project01 

"It was kind of the city, city staff's idea, our opinion, that that money should be raised by the group and then donated to the city and then the city should hire our city engineer to do all of the work and oversight for this project, because at the end of the day we're going to accept this as part of our parks system and we want to make sure that this is sound and that this is built to our specs so that five years down the road we're not replacing something."

Representatives of the group who were at Tuesday's council meeting requested the city pay $20,500 in engineering fees up front for the project. That drew concern from Mayor Mary Vanderwoude...Pickle Ball Project02 

"If we were to go ahead and pay the $20,00, Brad does his job, comes up with everything, and then a year later you decide not to fund raise or to have it, then we're out the $20,000."

After some further discussion the council approved a motion to reimburse the engineering fees to the pickle ball group upon the courts being constructed and playable.