Okoboji City Council Discusses Lakeshore Drive Funding; Parking; Sump Pumps And Recycling

Wed 6-10-2020

(Okoboji)-- Funding for improvements to Lakeshore Drive was a major point of discussion during Tuesday evening's Okoboji City Council meeting. Brad Beck of Beck Engineering told the council based on estimates gathered late last year, the cost to totally re-build the entire length of Lakeshore Drive would have an estimated cost of $16.5 million dollars. He says the estimate to re-surface the road was at that time much the range of $2.1 million...Okoboji Council03 

"So that $2.1 million is probably $2.3 next year. It does not include anything with the sidewalk or trail; it does not include anything with trying to get some sections of angled parking intermittently along Lakeshore Drive or anything like that."

After meeting last (Tues.) evening with the city's bond consultant, the council agreed to form a committee to further review the matter and come back to the full council with a recommendation.

There was also once again discussion over safety concerns and parking issues on Lakeshore Drive. A city council committee presented a recommendation for an ordinance that would prohibit parking along the full length of Lakeshore Drive on the lake side of the road. Councilman Jim Delperdang said the council will likely get push back over any action that's taken to address the matter...Okoboji Council04 

"There's no solution that's not going to be met with some push back from another group, so this is obviously just a starting point to see the value of creating this no parking situation and see if that helps the issue at all. But it certainly dove tails back to the discussion regarding Lakeshore Drive and the bonding."

A first reading of the proposed ordinance will be held at the council's meeting in July.

On another matter, the council directed City Administrator Michael Meyers to re-negotiate the city's recycling contract with Waste Management to see about getting larger receptacles. Councilman Jerry Robinson...Okoboji Council05 

"I think most people want to go with the bigger container. Also it goes back to previous discussions we've had. I think most people also want to keep it as once a week and not go to every other week."

The council also directed Meyers to draft a proposed ordinance that would prohibit sump pumps from being discharged onto city streets and rights-of-way, citing concern over possible liability.