Okoboji City Council Discusses Building Murals

Thu 6-10-2021

(Okoboji)-- The Okoboji City Council Tuesday approved a recommendation from the city's Board of Adjustment granting a special request from the Okoboji Summer Theatre to allow a mural to be painted on the side of one of their buildings. The project is being commissioned by Imagine Iowa Great Lakes.

While council members said they don't have issues with the design being proposed for this particular project, they are concerned over a possible precedent. Council member Julie Andres said she also has some trepidation over what art may be tasteful to some, but not to others...Andres & Building Murals 

"There's a possibility though that when we say or when, you know, we recommend that this is all good, what we're going to be saying is that kind of thing is all good, no matter what the graphics are and of course it gets really iffy because one person's idea of something that's great in the art world is maybe different than something else."

While the council decided it's okay for this particular project to proceed, they did indicate they want to look into some stricter guidelines for future consideration. City Administrator Michael Meyers said the city's Planning and Zoning Commission would likely be assigned with that task, as the parameters would fall under the city's sign ordinance.