Okoboji City Council Continues To Review Proposed Ordinance Revisions

Wed 9-9-2020

(Okoboji)-- The Okoboji City Council continues to consider proposed revisions to several current ordinances. Among them is one that would prohibit parking on the odd numbered side of Lakeshore Drive and Fairfield Street. A second reading of the proposed change was approved at last (Tues.) evening's meeting. The proposed change so far has met little opposition. Councilman Jim Delperdang said last (Tues.) night he's surprised by that...Okoboji City Council090901 

"For instance let's just start at Lakeshore Drive and Highway 71, go up the hill by Smith's RV coming around the corner to O'Farrell's. By putting this in we're going to eliminate some of O'Farrell's parking. We've spent a lot of time creating no parking zones around that area and now if we institute this the few spots that are on the lake side will disappear; the two or three I think along the side of the building will disappear. I think that will be met with some resistance once that's found out about."

Fellow councilman Jerry Robinson reminded everyone the main reason behind the proposed change was safety concerns for pedestrians along the busy streets...Okoboji City Council090902 

"I guess we can't please both sides here. We can't make it safe for those people while providing places for everybody to park to their convenience. So yeah, you're going to get push back."

The proposed revision will come back to the council for a third reading and possible adoption at their October meeting.

The council also approved a second reading of a proposed ordinance that would prohibit drainage, such as that from sump pumps, onto city streets. The council heard from representatives of the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District concerned it could lead some to illegally connect sump pumps into the sanitary sewer system, which they say could overload the treatment plant and lead to back ups into homes and discharges. Councilman Jim Delperdang said he would like some flexibility built into the proposed revision to help accommodate some of those concerns.

The Okoboji City Council also Tuesday evening approved the second reading of a proposed ordinance revision that would prohibit the parking of unattended trailers on city streets. Delperdang again said he would like to see some flexibility put into that proposed revision, saying he would like to see enforcement only if an unattended trailer in a street is posing a safety hazard. A motion to waive the third reading of the ordinance failed on a 2-2 tie vote with one council member absent, meaning it will come back to the council in October.

The council DID approve the first, second and third readings and granted final adoption of an ordinance clarifying definitions and requirements for steps, decks and patios.