Okoboji City Council Awards Bids On Pickleball Court And Dixon Beach Seawall Projects

Wed 2-12-2020

(Okoboji)-- The Okoboji City Council Tuesday evening awarded bids on a couple of major projects. The first was for a project to build four pickleball courts at Speir Park. City Administrator Michael Meyers says a big part of the project is being made possible through donations...Pickleball Bids01 

"The city of Okoboji received about $50 donations from individual donors, about 14 donations from local businesses and about three donations from foundations which totaled up to be about $156,000. Previously the city of Okoboji committed $20,400 to this project to bring that total to $176,000. We went out and bid this project and it was bid into two phases: one is a base bid which is basically just the playable post tension concrete surface, and then we bid an alternate as well which included additional features such as fencing and sidewalks, etcetera etcetera. With the donations the donors essentially paid for the base bid, the $156,000, and then the city city of Okoboji tonight agreed to pitch in about $40,000 more to further flush out this project to include the fencing, the gates, the sidewalks and the pads for players to stand and sit on."

Meyers says there were several factors that allowed the city to pitch in a little more funding for the project...Pickleball Bids02 

"Originally in this budget the city of Okoboji had budgeted for a basketball court, a drainage project within the park and then the Dixon Beach rip-rap project. Those are all designated as park funds for this current fiscal year. Our basketball project was completed but it came in under budget and we didn't do the drainage project and we did not do the Dixon Beach rip-rap project in this current fiscal year. So the city had a unique opportunity here with some extra park dollars and we wanted to jump on board and help these guys further flush out this project because it's going to be a great project for the area, provide a recreational asset to the communities that currently doesn't exist, and hopefully provide another recreational asset in the off season."

Meanwhile, Meyers says fundraising will continue for additional amenities including painting the courts. 

The pickleball project is slated for substantial completion in late May, with the entire project hopefully done by this coming July 1st.

On another matter, the Okoboji City Council Tuesday evening awarded a bid of $72,625 from Clary Lake Service to rip-rap the Dixon Beach sea wall. The bid was some $20,000 over original estimates. It was the lowest of two bids received. The project likely won't get started until this coming fall.