Okoboji City Council Approves Lakeshore Restoration Plans For East Lake Park Project

Wed 5-13-2020


(Okoboji)-- The Okoboji City Council Tuesday evening approved a revised plan to restore some shoreline as part of the East Lake Park project being done in conjunction with Imagine Iowa Great Lakes. The park is located on the east side of Highway 71 across from Kum 'n Go, or just south of the DNR boat ramp area.

City Administrator Michael Meyers told the council part of the original plan called for the use of herbicide on some tree stumps...Lakeshore Restoration01 

"What they were planning on doing was more or less injecting tree stumps with herbicide to prevent volunteer trees from growing out of the stumps. So it wasn't an application of Round Up or herbicide on the lakeshore itself, it was in the stump. I do believe that that probably would trigger the lakeshore landscaping ordinance, so."

The council voted to take that out of the plans.

Meyers further outlined the scope of the project...Lakeshore Restoration02 

"The plans more or less are removal of ground cover and volunteer trees and things that are not native to the lakeshore anyways. That is an exemption to our lakeshore landscaping permit. And then the plan was to hydro seed with native flower on the lakeshore and then riprap below the high water mark, all of which I would consider to be exempt from the lakeshore landscaping permit."

The city is contributing $25,000 toward the cost of the project.

Work is scheduled to start in the next couple of weeks or so.