Okoboji City Council Approves Contribution To Restore The Park Campaign

Tue 11-7-2017

            (Okoboji)-- Another lakes area city is on board with a contribution to Historic Arnolds Park, Incorporated and it's "Restore The Park" campaign.

Meeting in special session Monday evening, the Okoboji city council voted four-to-nothing in favor of a request for the city to contribute $10,000 over 5 years to the project. Councilman Walter Mendenhall was absent.

Historic Arnolds Park, Incorporated has been seeking financial support from governmental entities to help leverage it's application for a $1 million grant through the state's Community Attractions and Tourism program, or CAT. Representatives of Historic Arnolds Park, Incorporated will make another appearance before the CAT Grant committee on tomorrow (Wed.) in Grand Junction.

They're hoping to land the grant which they say would play a major role in coming up with a match needed for a $6 million donation for the project which was made by a group of donors.