Officials With City Of Spencer Express Concern Over Reports Of Foul Language And Vandalism At East Leech Park

Tue 4-6-2021

(Spencer)-- Reports of rowdy behavior at East Leech Park were a topic of discussion at Monday evening's Spencer City Council meeting. Councilman Tom Nelson brought the matter to the table, saying he's received complaints from constituents about foul language being used at the park. Police Chief Mark Warburton told the council they'll be keeping a close eye out for those violating park rules and will penalize violators...Park Concerns 

"There's a certain set of park rules and one of those is foul language, disorderly conduct, those kind of things. What the Parks Department has now in place is if you're found to be in violation of those park rules and you have three such founded violations in one calendar year, then your park privileges are suspended for a year. That is something we can address. We've also in the past and it hasn't been used for a long time but we do have the ability if it is at East Leech Park and possible the skate park area, we can go ahead and secure that facility as well for a period of time to go ahead and demonstrate that we're not going to tolerate that kind of behavior as well."

Jared Elbert, head of the city's Parks and Recreation Department, added there recently has also been some vandalism to some portable restrooms at the park.

Anyone witnessing such behavior is urged to report it by calling the Clay County Communications Center or the Spencer Police Department.