Officials Warn Of New Form Of Ransomware Virus/Scam Making The Rounds Locally

Thu 11-10-2016 []

(Okoboji)-- A new form of the ransomware virus is making the rounds in the area.

KUOO news has received reports from some people in the area who have received purported notices from Microsoft stating that their operating license has expired and that access is needed to your p.c to fix the problem. Once access is gained, the purportrator installs a form of the ransomware virus on your computer, encrypting your data. It then says that in order for you to regain control of your computer and its data, that you must pay a certain amount of money.

If you receive such a notice, officials say you should regard it as a hoax and scam. They say you should simply delete the notice, which often times comes in the form of an email, but some people say they've actually received phone calls with the fake notification.