Officials Urge Everyone To Prepare For What Could Be A Significant Blizzard

Fri 4-13-2018

           (Spirit Lake)-- With the likelihood of a spring blizzard impacting the region, officials are urging everyone to get prepared now before the conditions arrive. Dickinson County Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Ehret encourages everyone to stay put once that does happen...Spring Blizzard Potential 

            "Depending how bad it gets there's always the possibility if it's real bad we may not be able to come get you. You may be stuck in your car for awhile. So things like that. Also, if you do have to go out, call ahead first of all and make sure that whatever you're going to is there, it's open. Let somebody know when you're leaving and what your route's going to be, so if you fail to arrive if we can get out we atleast have a route to start checking if we need to find somebody. Make sure the cell phone is charged and that sort of thing. Obviously the best advice is to stay put, but if you do absolutely have to go out take those precautions beforehand."

A number of events scheduled for tomorrow (Sat.) have already either been cancelled or postponed. You can find the list at Go to the weather tab and click on weather-related announcements.