Officials Scrap Plans To Chemically Treat Curly Leaf Pond Weed In East Okoboji; New Option To Be Explored

Wed 3-9-2016 []

(Spirit Lake)-- Plans to use a chemical to partially eradicate curly leaf pond weed on the north side of East Lake Okoboji have been scrapped in favor a new option. That word from Bill Maas, President of the East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation. Maas tells KUOO news the organization held a special meeting last (Tues.) evening and came up with a new option...Pondweed Option01     

Maas says they’re now looking for the equipment that will be needed...Pondweed Option02     

Maas says they’ve bee in contact with the state regarding the new option and have been given the go-ahead.    

Maas says they re-visited the issue after concerns were raised about using a chemical treatment in the lake, even though they had been given assurance that it would be safe. But he says there was also a concern some residents may try treatments on their own with chemicals that are NOT allowed...Pondweed Option03     

Applying such chemicals without the proper permits is a federal offense.