Officials Say Curly Leaf Pond Weed Control Efforts Show Some Promising Results, For The Most Part

Thu 6-21-2018

(Spirit Lake)-- Officials say preliminary findings indicate increased efforts to control curly leaf pond weed on East Lake Okoboji have been fairly successful this season. Mike Hawkins, a fisheries biologist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources tells KUOO news the increased mechanical harvesting and some experimental applications of an aquatic herbicide had some pretty good results for the most part...Curly Leaf Treatment Update01 

"We were able to increase the amount of harvesting that went on and increased the number of paths, create those boating lanes. The aquatic herbicide looks to be fairly successful although we do have some areas where it did not do what it should have and we believe that had to do with the very late spring that we had, the late ice-out condition, and curly leaf not growing actively in some areas during the treatment period."

Hawkins adds the worst of curly leaf pond weed is over for the season...Curly Leaf Treatment Update02 

"Curly leaf pond weed is actually starting to lay down right now. It's fairly short-lived, it doesn't last through the summer like a lot of our native plants do."

Hawkins says they'll once again be working with the community to come up with an action plan for next year.