Officials Pleading For Donations Of Convalescent Plasma As COVID-19 Hospitalizations Continue To Increase Substantially

Wed 11-11-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Officials are putting out an urgent plea for donations of convalescent plasma as COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to increase substantially. Danielle West, Director of Public Relations and Marketing for LifeServe Blood Center tells KUOO news supplies of convalescent plasma are getting critically low in the region...Danielle West01 

"We were sitting pretty well. We had a good inventory. But really in the last two weeks we've had 650 plus requested units of convalescent plasma and we have around that probably in our inventory, so if we don't have people come in to donate soon we're worried that we won't be able to keep up with the demand. We've also been tracking this since the beginning of the pandemic and we're actually estimating that this is going to double by next month."

West says there are several eligibility guidelines that need to be met in order to donate...Danielle West02 

"So if people thought they had COVID-19, if they tested positive for COVID-19, or if they have antibodies. We're also testing every blood donation for antibodies. So if they have any of those they are eligible. We have a separate form on our website that we'd like people to start with because there are a couple of different eligibility requirements that we want to talk to them about and then we can help get them scheduled. So I encourage people to go to to find out more about that donation. It's right there on our home page, then we can help get them scheduled."

You can also call 800-287-4903 for more information.

LifeServe Blood Center is the sole supplier of blood and blood products to 120 hospitals in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota, including Lakes Regional Healthcare and a number of local hospitals.