Officials Issue Reminder Regarding Outdoor Warning Sirens

Wed 3-29-2017

(Spirit Lake)-- While great strides have been taken in recent years to increase the number of warning sirens throughout Dickinson county, officials say chances are you aren't going to hear them if you're indoors. Mike Ehret says the sirens are intended strictly to alert people who are outdoors when severe weather is imminent. And even then, depending on wind, distance and other factors, they could be difficult to hear...Sirens01 

Ehret outlines the protocol that's used to sound the sirens...Sirens02 

Again, Ehret says if you DO hear sirens going off, you need to get additional information, either by listening to KUOO, a weather radio, apps on your cell phone, or other means. Under no circumstances should you call 911 to find out what's going on. Ehret says that's an especially busy time for dispatchers.