Official: Lakes Area Cities, County, Could Do More To Limit Lakeshore Erosion During High Water Events

Tue 7-3-2018

(Spirit Lake)-- One member of the Dickinson County Emergency Management Commission says the shoreline erosion that's currently ongoing on the Iowa Great Lakes due to the high water should serve as a wake-up call to governmental entities. Steve Anderson, who's also the Mayor of Milford, says it's high time the county and cities enact laws to help protect shorelines within their jurisdictions...Lake Shore Erosion 

"The thing that we've got to remember is that it's a natural lake system, and we go in and modify the shorelines and there's people that argue that rip rap and all these things are the greatest thing in the world but when you go out and look at shorelines that have collapsed and you look at the neighbors and they've got native plants or they've got willows and they're not collapsed, they haven't fallen into the lake. But the people that had the collapses have landscaped it with rocks or whatever. It gets down to the point is when are we going to say enough is enough. We have to put rules in place to protect those properties that have been modified and it's a natural system, so keeping the vegetation, keeping a six foot buffer or so back from the shoreline is going to help protect those shores and it's going to help keep that dirt out of the lake and, you know, do the things that need to to protect water quality."

Anderson singled out the cities of Okoboji and Wahpeton for adopting such requirements for anyone doing work on shorelines.