NW Iowa Habitat For Humanity Gives Update On Their Latest Project In Milford

Tue 5-5-2020

(Milford)-- The Northwest Iowa Chapter of Habitat For Humanity continues to make progress with their latest build. The project involves a house that was donated to the organization last year and was relocated. Mary Thunhorst of the local Habitat For Humanity chapter says the house was delivered to the site at 1307 8th Street in Milford this past Wednesday...Habitat Update01 

"We ran into kind of a roadblock last year. We were given this house and we moved it to Milford to the HTC Manufacturing property where we now have an office. But concrete was in high demand and we could not get concrete for the floor of the basement until late fall and then it was too late to move the house. So just this last week we were able to move the house onto the foundation and we are now looking for volunteers either individuals or teams to help us out with what needs to be done on it."

On another note, Thunhorst says the Northwest Iowa Chapter of Habitat For Humanity is taking on a new program in which they'll be making small repairs to existing homes...Habitat Update02 

"Whether it be ramps for a handicapped person, I believe we've been contacted about repairing a porch roof, and then when we have those projects we'll line up volunteers to help with that, too. We haven't quite hammered out the details of who would be eligible for this assistance, but as soon as we do we will be notifying the media and we'll get going on that." 

Anyone who would like to help out with the build in Milford can contact the local Habitat For Humanity chapter at 336-4700 or email