November General Election Still Months Away But Elections Officials Say They're Getting A Lot Of Questions & Inquiries

Wed 7-29-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The November general election is still months away but election officials say they're already getting a lot of questions about how things are going to work with the ongoing pandemic. Jordan Moyer of the Dickinson County Auditor's Office says most of the inquiries pertain to requests for absentee ballots...Moyer & Absentee Requests01 

"We have our stipulations and our laws we have to abide by with the Secretary of State's Office so I just kind of wanted to give people just some leeway with what we're doing for this election. It's going to be kind of what we did for the primary, but the Secretary of State's Office had it passed by legislation to send out a statewide absentee request form like they did for the primary. That's going to be sent out at the end of August, so you can actually expect your request to be in the mail to you probably in the beginning of September and our absentee voting does not begin until October 5th, so even though you're going to get those absentee requests pretty early you can expect a ballot like probably the week of the 5th, so just remember, you know, the general election is November 3rd so we're still a few months away and we're going to come back and talk to you when it gets closer to the election to give some more information on the polling places and other information that you're going to need for election stuff."

Moyer adds the requests for absentee ballots are already coming in at a good pace...Moyer & Absentee Requests02 

"We actually have over 100 requests so far and it's only not quite August yet, so yeah, it's been busy so far. Lots of questions going on especially with all of the current situation that we have. So like I said I know with absentee voting for the primary we did have it across the street from the courthouse so we'll come back at a later date when they make a final decision on what we're going to be doing here in the courthouse."

Moyer says anyone with questions in the meantime can contact them at 336-3356.