Northwest STEM Region offering STEM Festival in March

Thu 2-11-2021 300 S 18th St, Estherville, IA

(Estherville)-The Northwest STEM Region will be hosting a STEM Festival in March , KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Northwest STEM Region offering STEM Festival in March 

Area students are invited to particpate in an upcoming Northwest STEM Festival.

Regional Manager Mary Trent says the event is open to students in grade 6-8.  "The Northwest STEM Region located out of Iowa Lakes Community College, they're our hub, is going to be hosting a non-traditional STEM careers festival.  So, what that means is, we're going to showcase STEM careers that aren't normally what you'd think of, nurses have to female, and teachers have to be female, and doctors have to be male.  So, we're flipping that completely and we're showing our youth that we can have anyone be anything they'd like to be as long as they work hard for it, and so, we have some really great presenters.  We have everything from wind turbine technicians, women that are up high in the air reporting what they're doing in their jobs to male librarians.  So, we have a lot going on, and this is open for grades 6 through 8, and it's open to any student in our entire STEM region.  It's really easy to register and sign up.  It's absolutely free."

The deadline to register February 15. 

(Officials note that the deadline may be extended, as there is still room for hundreds of students to register.)

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