Northwest Iowa Museum & Planetarium Installing New State-Of-The-Art Projector

Mon 10-31-2016 []

CHEROKEE, Iowa (AP) - A museum in northwest Iowa is marking the retirement of its vintage planetarium projector.

The Sanford Museum and Planetarium held a retirement party for its 1951 Spitz A-1 planetarium projector on Sunday. The equipment was used for one final star gazing show.

The old projector will be replaced by a new digital version as part of nearly $1 million in upgrades to the museum in Cherokee, Iowa.

The museum will be without planetarium shows for about six months during the project.

Museum director Linda Burkhart says the projector was the first one in the state and has been used for countless educational programs over the years. But even after retirement, the old projector will remain at the museum and be put on display.