Northwest Iowa Community College To Host STEMFest Event

Mon 10-31-2016 []

(Sheldon)-- Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon will host a STEM Fest program for area 4th through 8th grade students Saturday, November 12th from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Ben Pullen, a Youth Specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, tells KUOO news the sessions will start at 9:00 am...STEMFest01 

"STEMFest is an annual event that we've had through Iowa State Extension and Iowa Governor's STEM Council. It's a partnership that allows youth to experience STEM projects hands-on. So we hope they walk away with an excitement about STEM, about science education, about mathematics and that they can see opportunities, they can see partnerships, they can see how STEM is used in every-day life here in northwest Iowa."

Pullen says this year's event will include a number of topics...STEMFest02 

"This year we have what's called a flex trailer that's coming up from Iowa State University and that is a partnership between extension and the school of design, which is made up of screen printing, it's made up of snap circuit and some virtual reality stuff so they can see how those can be utilized in designing, manipulating and creating different products. I'm really excited. We have a partnership with Iowa Lakes Community College. They are going to do a session on welding technology, and they're bringing up their welding simulator so youth will actually be able to weld metal together to see how well they can do. We also have some agriculture based STEM stuff through Western Iowa Dairy Alliance, and they're going to talk about some milk science and dairy science. We also have from Spencer TECHNO, some kids coming over which is a start-up company. They're going to do some neat stuff, and we even have the Sanford Museum out of Cherokee coming up, and they're going to do some stuff on archaeology and some fossils."

Pullen adds the public will be able to see the projects first-hand during a public showcase...STEMFest03 

"It will take place approximately at 2:45 pm at NCC and the youth will stand up and demonstrate some of the things they learned during the day."

Student registration for the event was capped at 120. Pullen says they've already reached that. He says 25 of those students are coming from the Spirit Lake schools.

Pullen says another STEM Fest will be held this coming February at Dordt College.